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Automotive Lighting Wire to Board Connectors Pitch 2.0mm

Automotive Lighting Wire to Board Connectors Pitch 2.0mm

Features and benefits
Housing lances.
Sizes 2 to 16 circuits.
Fully shrouded header.
Polarization and Low-profile.
Locking slots provide securemating.
Fixed tabs provide PCB hold-down and strain-relief for SMT tails.

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■Features and benefits

●Housing lances.

●Sizes 2 to 16 circuits.

●Fully shrouded header.

●Polarization and Low-profile.

●Locking slots provide securemating.

●Fixed tabs provide PCB hold-down and strain-relief for SMT tails.



A2001 Series


A2002 Series
201022114177230553A2003 Series
201312914344273304A2004 Series
20136259496481455A2006 Series
2010221145532821906A2007 Series
2010221152728497977A2009 Series
2010221153516906208A2010 Series

Connector life

The service life of the connector is the primary indicator for measuring the reliability of the connector. As the demand for trouble-free performance of electronic products continues to increase, the increased service life in the connector design becomes a design orientation. In addition, increased market competition also requires designers to find suitable materials in non-expensive alloys to reduce connector costs. In many cases, the combined result of these trends has brought the copper alloy's operating characteristics closer to its performance limits. Initial contact force is an important factor in connector design and material properties. Since the elastic deformation is converted into plastic deformation in the contact member, the stress release causes a decrease in the contact force. If the contact force is below a certain critical level, the contact will fail. Therefore, predicting stress relief as a function of time and temperature correlation is naturally a key factor in ensuring connector reliability.


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