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Waterproof Connector Selection Guide
Jan 19, 2019

  Now the connector has waterproof performance, now a lot of waterproof joints, connectors are waterproof.In daily life when we choose waterproof joint how to choose.How can we choose a high quality waterproof connection from the following aspects

  One:First meet the relevant electrical, installation, connection, insulation, protection and other technical standards, which is the basis of choice.

  Two:Can not only look at the standard, should go beyond the standard, pay attention to the actual application of the situation.In addition, individual standard terms and conditions of the request or lower, that is to say the quality of the threshold is very low, resulting in production of various family firms can be arbitrarily, some test standard is under the static environment of "standard" test, often appear engineering after the accident, to survey the connector found according to the standard is qualified, why, because the lab test, chose the standard terms and the environment, and the application field of the environment differ in thousands ways

  Three:see the structure principle design, the structure design is very important.If the connection is waterproof, such as the original rational design is advanced, has better と - into, if you choose the outdated structure principle of design, even in the process of manufacturing quality control is very good, but often in such aspects as reliability, outdoor long-term weatherability than innovation generation of products more reliable.

  Four:see the assembly tolerance size control precision.Because often involves connecting, waterproof connectors, male female contact cooperation, etc., need to have a high precision request for size, high-end and low-end connectors at first to see almost appearance, structure and so on are all the same than the high and low, but how you spend a little time, much of the connector with size is measured with a caliper carefully will find that the poor quality of with the size change is very big, also is the stability of the connection there is no guarantee that, group of poor product consistency.

  Five:see the connector factory's production quality control system.Connector company to do a pair of connectors provide test is very easy, also be able to get good test scores, but you will find at the mill, raw materials without inspection standards, finished products no necessary test link, repair the unqualified material and detect no program and so on, all affect the quality of the product ready, that is to say, do, in hundred qualified, not one thousand over one thousand, ten thousand over ten thousand of the qualified.Therefore, Joe's electronic hou gong reminds you, in the long run, a good quality system control is even the most important reference factor for lamp manufacturers to choose connector manufacturers, otherwise it will be "penny-wise and penny-foolish".Generally speaking, enterprises with large production scale, technical testing equipment, product quality control and stability

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