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TE Further Expands The Dechi 983 Hermetic Connector
Jan 23, 2019

  TE Connectivity (hereafter referred to as "TE"), a technology leader in global connectivity and sensing, has recently expanded the Dechi 983 hermetic connector with the addition of terminal #22.

  As part of the EN2997 engine connector combination, the DECHI 983 series connectors are the first in the industry to use terminal #22. This connector has a high-density design that accommodates more terminals in the same space while maintaining superior performance and reliability, making it ideal for commercial aviation.

  TE's Dechi 983 hermetic connector offers customers a complete solution with terminal size 22 that withstands extreme vibration and high temperature environments in applications such as commercial aircraft engines and booster systems (up to 260) Celsius) is ideal for differential pressure connections. These connectors feature self-locking, anti-rotation, and shell-to-shell metal bottoming for superior performance.

  Edouard Tonussi, Product Manager, TE Global Aviation, Defense and Marine Division, said: “The pursuit of lightweight and high density is the goal of the commercial aviation market. TE is the first to introduce a high-density connector with terminal 22. Solve customer claims and it is certified to the EN2997 standard."

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