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PogoPin Connector Is Getting More And More Widely. Do You Know What Advantages It Has?
Feb 09, 2019

  PogoPin connectors are currently favored by more and more industries. Many intelligent electronics industries in many regions have begun to reform and innovate products, so the stage of PogoPin connector applications has become larger and larger. And in some smart homes, graphene heating apparel or medical equipment industries, there is a need to make PogoPin connectors too large current, so today I will discuss the advantages of high current PogoPin connectors with my friends.

  1. Contact resistance is stable

  The high current pogopin connector is mainly used for smart terminal devices such as smart devices, so the stability and resistance of the current signal to stabilize the performance of the device.

  2. Working frequency and duration

  The high-current pogopin connector requires repeated insertion and removal during operation. This is because its working frequency is very strict, the pogopin life can reach 50,000 or so, and the Haogo brand's pogopin connector can last up to 100,000 times.

  3. Small size, high density and light weight

  With the development of technology, smart devices are becoming more and more compact, functions are getting stronger and stronger, and the appearance will be more diverse. Therefore, the size and accuracy of high-current pogopin connectors are very high.

  4. Easy to update

  As technology advances, when you install a high-current pogopin connector, you can update components and replace them with new, better components.

  5. Waterproof, moisture proof

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