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Molex Introduces The New Lite-Trapä SMT Wire-to-board Connector System With A Height Of Only 4.20mm
Jan 11, 2019

Molex introduces the new Lite-Trapä SMT (Surface Mount Technology) wire-to-board connector system with a small form factor to meet the application requirements of slim LED lighting modules. With a height of only 4.20mm, the push-button connector is one of the smallest connectors on the market today and offers the lowest wire insertion force compared to detachable wire connectors.

Molex Product Manager JB Jin commented: “Molex is committed to innovation and is designed to meet the requirements of LED lighting manufacturers by designing connector systems that reduce component height on the board to achieve a thinner design and reduce shadows or Interference with the light source."

The Lite-Trap connector is terminated in a similar manner to the widely used Molex Wire Trap connector and is similar to some specific "push-in" models, but requires less wire insertion force. The stripped wire can be inserted into the connector and then pushed to open the two-contact door terminal design to "capture" the wire, providing a firm electrical contact and high wire retention. The Lite-Trap connector also features an easy-to-use mortise lock design that allows the operator to easily plug and unplug without the use of any tools. These features enable convenient on-site assembly and disassembly when needed, even for untrained technicians.

Other features of the Molex Lite-Trap connector include a long wire insulation design for stable wire positioning to further ensure contact contact, while the innovative wire lock feature helps plug the wire into the correct position. On the depth.

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