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Introduction To The Lamp Belt
Nov 20, 2018

Lamp belt refers to the LED lamp with a special processing technology welded on the copper wire or ribbon flexible circuit board, and then connected to the power supply luminescence, because it glows when the shape is as a band of Light and named. The lamp belt has been widely used in buildings, bridges, roads, gardens, gardens, floors, ceilings, furniture, automobiles, ponds, underwater, advertising, signboards, signs and other fields, used for decoration or lighting, to a variety of festivals, such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, National day and so on to add endless joy and festive atmosphere, It with tenacious vitality into advertising, decoration, construction, commercial, gifts five advantages of the market, and exported to Japan, the European Union, Australia and other countries and regions. It is widely used in imploded causing, bridges, guardrails, hotels, Lin Yuan, dance halls, advertising decoration places and so on.

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