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Choice Of Lamp Belt
Nov 20, 2018

First of all, to know that the lamp belt can only play the role of embellishment, not the role of the main lighting. Secondly, the lamp belt is all a section of the whole rice, so how much to use how much.

And the color can choose warm white and moonlight white, because the main role of the lamp belt is embellishment, so the recommendations are used warm white, so that the living room and restaurant point up the effect is more warm, but also more durable; with moonlight White, see for a long time will be aesthetic fatigue; If you want to refresh the effect, you can consider using blue light. Flat three and flat four the difference is flat three has 2 rows of beads, flat four has 3 rows of beads, so the main difference is still brightness. If the number of beads is the same, that is the difference in length. In addition, if the embellishment and lighting have to have, can be installed T5 bracket, its price may be expensive, but the effect is good.

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