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Indoor LED Lighting Connectors Pitch 2.5mm

Indoor LED Lighting Connectors Pitch 2.5mm

Features and benefits
High temperature resistant.
Simple process.
High contact pressure.
With positioning function.

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■Features and benefits

●High temperature resistant.

●Simple process.

●High contact pressure.

●With positioning function.

2016726104245789071T2501 Series
2016726104233267772T2502 Series
201685143942982303T2503 Series
2016726104212325554T2504 Series

Mechanical properties of the connector

In terms of the function of the connector, the insertion force is an important mechanical property. The insertion force is divided into the insertion force and the extraction force, and the requirements of the two are different. There is a maximum insertion force and a minimum separation force specification in the relevant standards, which indicates that the insertion force is small from the viewpoint of use, and if the separation force is too small, the reliability of the contact is affected. Another important mechanical property is the mechanical life of the connector. Mechanical life is actually a durability index. It is called mechanical operation in GB5095. It is a cycle of one insertion and one extraction, so that the connector can complete its normal operation after the specified insertion cycle. The connection function is used as a basis for evaluation. The insertion force and mechanical life of the connector are related to the quality of the coating at the contact portion of the contact structure and the dimensional accuracy of the contact arrangement.


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